About Refua medical services

Refua recruits personnel and professionals wishing to come to Israel and participate in various education projects and locums in order to share in the advancement of the health industry.

Introducing many local facilities offering state of the art treatment techniques, innovation and technology to International Government representatives visitors and practitioners in the medical field and related industry.

Registering promptly in one or more of the programs available, whether for 4 weeks, 60 days, or 10 months opportunities to work side by side with local staff and experts in one or more of our many top notch health and healing facilities including Hospitals, Administration offices, Ambulatory care facilities, clinics, medical offices and military research field hospitals.

Specific offices set up in Israel will enable VISA and WORK PERMIT allocations for all registered persons (specific requirements included in order to register).

Optional Accommodation packages, travel packages, tours and CME accreditation are made available and could be included (if required).

Video presentations of some of the available education facilities including Universities, Hospitals, Clinics and local Medical offices will be displayed.

Applications are included on the website. The registration package available will require a non refundable nominal fee of $360 per candidate.

Full commitment and coverage of the education programs should be paid after the Visa and hosting institutions programs confirmations.

We are introducing top technology and select techniques enabling state of the art progressive treatments for saving lives daily in surgery.

Those qualified to further education in specific medical fields can apply.

For more information please contact ag@refua.co.il